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Floor Care

Nobell Building Service provides commercial floor cleaning services to clients located in the Great Valley and Main Line regions of PA.


Our expertise and experience in floor care include different styles of hard floors and carpeting.


Hard Floor Cleaning

Our hard floor cleaning services include cleaning and refinishing for surfaces such as laminate flooring, tile and grout, hardwood, natural stone, sealed or unsealed concrete and rubber.

Floors require routine cleaning and care to decrease wear and retain their appearance. Most flooring types need deep cleaning or refinishing on a predetermined schedule. In order to maintain the optimum floor appearance, we offer a plan for daily floor care as well as a schedule for the deep cleaning, polishing and refinishing of your floors. Our daily floor cleaning protocol incorporates the use of HEPA microfiber mop pads to remove more dirt, dust and grime compared to other methods.


Hard Floor Stripping & Polishing

We use eco-friendly non-ammoniated floor stripper solutions. We also use high solid floor finish to maintain the integrity of the floors with a lower frequency of procedures and necessity for stripping and refinishing work. Deep cleaning, polishing and refinishing services are performed using state-of-the art equipment and high-grade cleaning products to give your floors a highly durable and optimum appearance.


Customized Floor Cleaning Services

Our commercial floor cleaning services are customized to meet the unique requirements of each client. We consider the kind of flooring you need cleaned, the square footage of your facility, the amount of traffic your floors are exposed to, and a range of other factors.