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Office & Breakroom Cleaning

Nobell Building Service provides commercial office and breakroom cleaning services to clients located in the Great Valley and Main Line regions of PA.


Over the past 25 years, we have mastered the art of consistent and dependable commercial office cleaning services. Our proven track record of delivering high quality results validates the effectiveness of our cleaning procedures.


Customized Cleaning Programs

Since every client is unique, we listen to your suggestions and preferences so we can tailor a customized cleaning program to ensure consistent results. Our staff is trained to apply the safest and most effective cleaning methods to give you the best outcome. We respect the fact that each of our clients have different modes of business operation. To that end, we determine a cleaning schedule that would be the best fit for your office and time requirements.

We take the initiative to periodically clean the interior of the refrigerators and freezers as the situation warrants. Also, to assist in your endeavor to maintain a tidy and sanitized breakroom, we clean microwave interiors and wash any dishes in heavily used sink areas daily.


We Use Microfiber & HEPA Filter Technology

We incorporate the use of microfiber mopheads as well as color-coded microfiber wipes into our office cleaning procedure. Microfiber traps more debris, dirt and moisture compared to cotton, and it has a static charge that pulls in and traps dirt. Microfiber is environmentally friendly, and you no longer need to use any harmful cleaning products. The material dries quickly, which allows less time for bacteria to develop. Our microfiber wipes are of different colors to avoid cross-contamination.

We also use High Efficiency Particulate (HEPA) filter vacuums. Ordinary vacuums lack the capability to adequately trap dust fragments, and they eject tiny air pollutants back into the air. Therefore, HEPA filters are beneficial for use in the office because they improve indoor air quality and help to reduce allergies and asthma.