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Restroom Cleaning

Nobell Building Service provides commercial restroom cleaning services to clients located in the Great Valley and Main Line regions of PA.


Nobell Building Service has more than 25 years of experience cleaning office restrooms.


We are aware that the condition of your restrooms is one of the most important factors that influence the first impression of potential clients visiting your facility.

We also know the importance of eliminating restroom bacteria, fungi and mold before they appear. The average working individual spends a third of his or her life at work. With restroom cleaning from Nobell, you will be assured that your employees benefit
from a healthy work environment. A consistent and thorough cleaning of the restrooms reduces the occurrence of sickness in the workplace, which bolsters employee productivity by reducing the number of sick days.


We Use Hospital-Grade Disinfectant

Along with a tidy appearance, disinfection is a critical aspect of the daily restroom cleaning procedure. However, many commercial office cleaning companies fail to produce satisfactory results pertaining to the disinfection of restrooms.

Since the human eye cannot detect microbes, in order to thoroughly disinfect restrooms, our cleaning professionals know to prioritize high touch areas such as faucet handles, flush handles, door handles and towel dispensers. We also know to go further and routinely schedule the wiping of restroom vents and walls as well as the scrubbing of floors.

We use hospital-grade disinfectants, which eradicate 99.9 percent of bacteria. However, it is important to point out that we do not use unsafe and hazardous chemicals such as bleach and acid-base solutions. We incorporate the use of eco-friendly sanitizers into our Green cleaning program to reduce exposure to toxic chemicals and effectively reduce dust and chemical allergens in the air. Based on factors such as employee count and square footage, your restrooms may need to be cleaned more than once per day. Therefore, if desired, we can provide a daytime restroom cleaning service.